The HowNow merge document system can create and populate Microsoft Word documents with data extracted from the contacts area in HowNow Online.

Before a merge document can be created it is necessary to create a document which includes the bookmarks required to enable the merging of data. The bookmarks currently available are:


The firm name of the owner of HowNow Online

Client name

HowNowFullAddress All lines of client address
HowNowAddress1 Client Street

Client City

HowNowAddress3 Client State
HowNowAddress4 Client Postcode
HowNowFullName  Contact full name
HowNowClientCode Client code
HowNowEmail Contact email
HowNowFirstNames Contact given names
HowNowLastName Contact family name
HowNowSignoff Sign-off entered when creating a merge document
HowNowSubject Subject entered when creating a merge document
HowNowDateEOM  The date of the end of the current month in short form
HowNowDateEOMF  The date of the end of the current month in full
HowNowDateEOY  The date of the end of the financial year in short form
HowNowDateEOYF  The date of the end of the financial year in full
HowNowDateYear  The current year in number form
HowNowDateFYear  The current financial year in number form
HowNowTodaysDate  Today’s date in short form (dd/mm/yyyy)
HowNowTodaysDateF  Today’s date in full (dd month yyyy)
HowNowTime The current time in the format HH:MM AM/PM

How to insert bookmarks into a Word template:

1. Type the HowNow bookmark name or field details into the document where it is required. 
2. Select the text and press CTRL+C to copy it. 

3. Type Alt, I, K to display the bookmark editor (or select from the menu Insert > Bookmark). 
4. Press Ctrl+V to paste the selected text into the bookmark name field.  
5. If a bookmark is used more than once make the bookmark name unique by adding an underscore (_) and a number to the end of the name. 
6. Press Enter to save the bookmark and close the bookmark editor.  

Your document will look like this:

Document with HowNow Merge Fields

Once the file has been created, add it to the Templates area in HowNow and ensure you have ticked "Has Merge Fields". The template can then be used for creating documents for clients.

The resulting document with look like this: