There are two main ways to add Microsoft documents to HowNow Online. Drag & Drop or using the Office Add-in. The Drag &Drop method can be used for most other document types also.

1. Drag & Drop your document into the main documents display/search screen (when you have dragged the file onto the right area you will see a message that says drop your file here to start upload) 

Complete the information for this document - Filename, Description, Client, Status, Team and Filter.  A document can be added without being assigned to a client or a filter. Click Save to add the document.

2. Use the Office Add-in to Profile/Add your new document to HowNow Online. 

Create a New (not filed in HowNow) document in Word or Excel and click on the Add To HowNow Button.

The Edit App and Office Add-in are required for this to work and can be downloaded from the link on the Dashboard.

Add Profile information and click Finish to save the document to HowNow Online.